The moving vans have left, the boxes are unpacked (well perhaps a couple at least) and you’re finally in your new home. So what’s next?

One of the most important things to do is change your address and notify the correct people. This may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but with the chaos of moving it can be overlooked and sometimes forgotten about. 

It can seem like a tedious task which you’re tempted to put off for a while, but it’s better to do this sooner rather than later to avoid more stress down the line, such as missed bills. 

We’ve put together a full checklist of who you should notify of your new address when you move…you’re welcome! 

  1. Royal Mail 

Did you know that the friendly folk over at Royal Mail will remove the worry of your post accidentally being sent to your old address via their redirecting process? The redirect will be temporary but it can give you a bit of extra time whilst you get organised and settle into your new home. 

It takes Royal Mail around a week to get this set up, and you can apply to redirect your mail 6 months before or after your moving date, with fees starting from £33.99 for 3 months if the property is in the UK. This process also helps protect your information and prevent identity theft so well worth doing. 

2. Insurance Companies

Depending on how many insurance policies you have, there will be a number of insurance companies that you’ll need to notify about your new address. These may include: 

-Home Insurance 

-Life Insurance 

-Pet Insurance 

-Car Insurance – This can be done online on the GOV.UK website or at the Post Office 

-Travel Insurance 

Home and contents insurance is a very important one, as your insurance premium is likely to change alongside your address because your insurance provider will deem different locations more riskier than others.

3. Utility Providers 

Before you pack up your bags and wave goodbye to your old home, make sure to take your final readings, including water, electricity and gas. It can take around 48 hours to update your energy provider with your new information so make sure you notify your suppliers before you move. Some providers may have a policy where you could be charged for ending it early, so it’s worth finding out if you can move the contract to your new home.

Moving house is also a great opportunity to do some research and find out the best deals available from suppliers. Energy Comparison | Compare Gas & Electricity | MoneySuperMarket 

4. The Electoral Roll

Make sure you don’t miss out on your right to vote in local and national elections by updating your information on the electoral roll. 

5. Schools and Education 

If you have little ones in tow whilst moving home, then make sure to notify their nursery or school. It’s also worth their teachers being informed of the move as moving house can be stressful for everyone involved! If your children attend a private institution then the change of address will be a necessity for you to pay the tuition fees. 

6. The Local Authority

There’s no getting away from council tax, unfortunately, and you must remember to notify the local authority of your move to update their records. You may think about leaving it a couple of weeks, but the council tax will be backdated so you’ll have to pay regardless. 

Find out more about council tax and how it’s calculated here  – Council Tax When Moving House: Everything You Need to Know (

7. Healthcare providers 

Make sure to let the relevant medical professionals know about your change of address, including dentist, Dr, optician etc. If you’re moving to a new catchment area you may need to sign up for a new GP surgery, and if you’re the owner of a furry friend don’t forget to notify the vet too. 

8. The Bank 

To ensure your bank details aren’t sent to your previous property, make sure to inform your bank, building societies, pensions and any other businesses that deal with your finances about your new address as soon as possible. 

9. Subscription Services 

Nowadays we’re all partial to a subscription service or two, such as Netflix, the gym, beauty products or magazine subscriptions. It’s very easy to forget to update your address with these providers, especially ones that you’re on a rolling contract with and may have been for some time, so make a little list of who you need to notify so no one gets missed out. 

10. TV License 

Speaking of Netflix…don’t forget to update your TV licensing company so you can carry on watching your favourite shows. You can change your details up to 3 months in advance of your moving date if you want to be especially organised. 

11. Household Services 

Make sure to inform any general service providers that you may use, for example, your accountant, cleaner, gardener or window cleaner. Or if you’re moving to a new location you may want to start searching for new service providers who are local to the area. 

12. Friends and Family 

Last but definitely not least, if you haven’t been shouting your home move from the rooftops then don’t forget to let your loved ones know. They’ll want to update their address books and you may even be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few moving-in cards or gifts. Additionally, your employer should be updated so their records can be edited for the likes of payslips etc.  

So there we have it, our complete change of address checklist. Feel free to print off this list so you can work your way through it, and good luck with the move!

We hope this blog post has given you some helpful information, and if you’d like any further information about moving house, get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat.