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Do I need to appoint a solicitor/conveyancer?

As part of YouConvey, we assign one of our hand-picked solicitors to your case. So there is no need to appoint your own. It remains your right to choose your own Solicitor / Conveyancer but we may not be able to provide our full range of services in those circumstances.

What is the step by step process?

  1. One of our Home Mover Advisors will call to talk you through our process and costs.
  2. If you’re happy to proceed, we will allocate a conveyancer to the case and provide you with all the property forms to complete on your online customer portal.
  3. Your allocated Solicitor will act for you in respect of the legal transaction through a direct Client  / Solicitor relationship.
  4. YouConvey liaises between all parties and chases outstanding enquiries.
  5. YouConvey provides you with weekly updates and support throughout the transaction to ensure it is dealt with to your satisfaction and in line with your expectations.

How does it save me up to 8 weeks of waiting time?

From day one with YouConvey, you will have access to all of the property forms that you can complete at your own pace. All contracts and documents can be eSigned and sent back the day you get them, removing the time it would take to print, sign, scan and send them back.

Additionally, your Home Mover Advisor does all the chasing for you to ensure you complete in the quickest time possible.

What’s the cost?

YouConvey works with a hand-picked group of solicitors, who are happy to work with us at very competitive rates. Our admin charges are built into our quotes so you will not pay more than the average cost for that particular transaction. Our panel of solicitors are happy to do this as we are taking care of a lot of administration for them – leaving them to do their job of looking after the customer legally.


How is YouConvey different?

At YouConvey, we want to make the conveyancing process as easy and smooth as possible for all parties and aim to speed up transactions by up to 8 weeks.

We liaise between the customer and the conveyancer to manage the whole process from start to finish. We keep in touch with all parties throughout and make sure that the customer is thoroughly supported to manage their own easy admin tasks, leaving the conveyancer to focus on the legal side.

How do you reduce timescales?

From day 1 we take charge of the transaction. We fully onboard the customers by providing them with easy online access to all of the necessary property forms in order for their conveyancer to set up their file. This alone can shave weeks off the transaction.
We then work with the conveyancers throughout the transaction to make sure they can do their job efficiently, without being bogged down with time consuming admin work.

Are you a firm of solicitors?

No – but we have a vast experience of conveyancing having worked in the industry for over 40 years. We do not handle the conveyancing itself but leave this to our panel Solicitors. We work with a handpicked list of reputable Conveyancers who process the transaction, and we manage the process and update all parties at each stage and throughout.

Who does the actual conveyancing?

We work with some of the very best conveyancers in the country who understand our role in the process and the YouConvey way of working. We continuously review the service and offering of our conveyancers to ensure we offer the best conveyancing service in the industry.

Can the customer use their own conveyancer?

Our conveyancers sign up to the YouConvey service standard and work collaboratively with us by allowing us to take responsibility for much of the admin work. They also agree to a reduced fee scale in recognition of the shared responsibility. Whilst we are open to adding further conveyancers to our panel we would always prefer to use our tried and tested panel members.

What is the cost?

The fees quoted for a transaction include our panel conveyancers fee scale and our admin costs. These together are no more than the average conveyancing cost for the particular transaction.

Can I still charge my usual referral fee?

Any referral fee you charge is hard wired into the cost as part of the fee scale we generate for any of your transactions.

What do you need from us to start working with you?

All we need from you to start work is confirmation of your referral fee. We will then set you up as a YouConvey Introducer. As you provide details of an introduction, we will provide the customer with a quote and make contact with them to register them with YouConvey.

How often will I be updated?

We are happy to report to you on a weekly or more frequent basis. We see ourselves as part of your team and are here to discuss individual cases or explore other opportunities with you.