For many, spring signals a time for change and a new chapter complete with warmer weather, lighter evenings and a new zest of life for springing into action! When considering each of the seasons, there’s many reasons that spring comes out top for moving home, with seven reasons below.

1) Warmer weather

With those cold and gloomy winter days behind you and hot summer days still a few months off, spring weather offers the perfect compromise. The mild weather eliminates the various moving hazards that may be a concern in winter, such as heavy snowfall, icy roads etc, whilst you won’t have to deal with heat waves and the sweltering summer sunshine when packing up and unloading heavy boxes.

We know that springtime can’t always guarantee mild weather and it can be slightly unpredictable at times, but it’s never as cold as the winter or as hot as the summer so out of the seasons it definitely comes out on top in that area.

2) Longer daylight hours

The spring equinox takes place on the 20th March, bringing with it earlier dawns, later sunsets and an increased number of daylight hours. This means more time for viewings which can be especially handy if you work long hours and need to fit them in during weekday evenings. Having viewings when it’s light means your potential buyers can get a good look at the outdoor space surrounding your property, and if you have a garden then any flowers will be in bloom which adds to those all important first impressions.

Additionally, if you’ve got quite a few jobs to get done before the big move, the longer days will provide more time for getting these done, helping to speed up the process.

3) More available movers 

Summer is traditionally the busiest time to move house due to school summer holidays, which means that coming across a good selection of professional movers in summer can be tricky. However, if you move in spring you’ll avoid these peak times and you can get the pick of the bunch. 

If you are planning on using a professional moving company, make sure you do your research and find one that’s trustworthy with good reviews – Movers and Packers: The 10 Best Removal Firms in the UK (2023) | Compare My Move

4)It can be easier to sell your house 

Spring is considered by many to be the best season for selling a home, due to the reasons listed above and the fact that if buyers can secure their new house in spring this gives them enough time to settle in by the time summer arrives. As briefly mentioned, houses can also look much more appealing in the springtime, as often people perform a good spring clean which makes the house tidy and inviting, and blooming gardens are definitely an eye-catching selling point.

5) It costs less to move 

Due to the spring time generally being a less busy time to move house than during the busy summer season, costs to hire professional movers will be less, which means you may have more budget left to hire professional help for packing and unpacking belongings, or cleaning your home before you move. 

Although the best bargains will be found during winter months, you’re still likely to receive a considerable discount for a spring move, so if you’re looking to save the pennies then this could be the time to move for you.

6) Convenient for moving with children 

If you’re making the big move with little ones in tow, then using the Easter holidays as a time to move means that they won’t have to miss any school, and will have more time to help (perhaps wishful thinking!) to pack up their belongings. This also means you’re not restricted to moving on the weekend, and you can take your time properly packing up to make your job of unpacking on the other side as easy as possible. 

If you want some tips on how to pack up as efficiently as possible, check out one of our previous blog posts – Top tips to pack up your house in 48 hours – YouConvey – The UK’s first collaborative conveyancing service (

7) Spring cleaning serves its purpose 

Many people choose to have a good old clearout and spring clean to kick start the spring season, and if you’re one of these people you can kill two birds with one stone. By going through all your belongings and throwing away any unwanted items or pieces of furniture, this means you’ll have unnecessary items to move into your new home and is a great way to declutter. 

Secondly, giving your home a good spring clean means it’s in tip top condition for potential buyers, and ticks a job off the list for when it’s time to move out. 

If you do have lots of items that you plan on getting rid of, then organising a yard sale to sell these items is a great way to make some extra money, which can go towards your moving costs. 

We hope this blog has given you some ideas about when may be the most convenient time for you to move home, and if you are ready to make that step, get in touch with us for a free, no obligation chat – Contact Us – YouConvey – The UK’s first collaborative conveyancing service (