Moving house can be an exciting yet expensive experience, with all of the supplies needed along the way including packing materials and moving boxes.

Although you’ll have so much to think about, it is important to consider the impact it can have on the environment. By following an eco-friendly attitude, you can have peace of mind knowing your move will have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Here are some tips on how to move house sustainably, which both your purse and Mother Nature will thank you for! 

  1. Declutter and donate

Before you start packing, take the time to declutter your belongings. This will not only make the moving process easier, but it will also reduce the amount of items you need to transport. Donate any unwanted items to charity or sell them online on websites such as Vinted to reduce waste and earn a bit of extra cash along the way. 

  1. Use eco-friendly packing materials

Instead of using bubble wrap and single-use plastic packaging, opt for eco-friendly alternatives such as biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled cardboard boxes, and reusable moving blankets. You can also use your own materials to pack up your belongings such as towels, old newspapers and clothing.

Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll also be saving some pennies on costly packing supplies. 

  1. Choose a sustainable moving company

In addition to the fact that moving is not stereotypically an eco-friendly process with all of the packaging that comes with the process, moving trucks use a lot of petrol. Whilst these things are often unavoidable, there are plenty of moving companies specifically designed to cut down on environmental impact.

When choosing a moving company, look for an ‘eco mover’, i.e. one that has eco-friendly practices such as using fuel-efficient vehicles, recycling materials, and using sustainable packaging materials. An eco mover will also take more efficient routes to move you in fewer trips, and even have reusable moving boxes.  

  1. Use green cleaning products

After you’ve cleared and de-cluttered, it’s time to do the big clean before you move into your new home and this is one area where you can be sustainable.

By using green cleaning products instead of products with harsh chemicals, this in turn will reduce the amount of chemicals released into the environment, as green cleaning products are made from chemical ingredients that don’t pollute the air and waterways. 

  1. Plan your route

Whether you’re making your own way to your new home or using a moving company as previously mentioned, you can plan your route carefully to reduce the amount of fuel used during transportation. Opt for the shortest and most direct route and remember to avoid rush hour traffic.

  1. Set up your new home sustainably

When setting up your new home, consider investing in energy-efficient appliances, LED light bulbs, and a programmable thermostat. These small changes can make a big difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

By following these tips, you can move house sustainably and reduce your impact on the environment. Happy moving!

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